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There are many reasons why forests are an important feature for the environment and in our daily lives.They are fundamental life forms and provide for the continuity of the world’s biodiversity which is necessary for economic development, diversity of life forms, human livelihood, and environmental adaptive responses. Water is also cycled through ecosystems and is important in allowing other cycles to take place. What is biodiversity? Life has undergone changes in response to changes in environmental conditions over time. Species have become extinct and new ones have evolved.Biodiversity is critically important to human health, economies and livelihoods. Humans have caused the loss of 83% of all wild animals and half of all plants. To mark the International Day for Biodiversity, here are five reasons why biodiversity matters to humans – and why we need to protect it. Learn more about why is biodiversity important to ecosystems. Biodiversity is also key for the continued provision of ecosystems services it provides, which serve both humans and the systems themselves, although the term is largely used in relation to the benefits reaped by us.

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The marine biodiversity refers to the life present under water. Marine biodiversity is important to protect because today, just as always, humans are dependent on the Earth's resources for their livelihood, health and well being In Belize, efforts have been made to conserve the incredible biodiversity that exists in the country. View full lesson: Our planet’s diverse, thriving ecosystems may seem like permanent f...

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There remain large gaps in understanding how changes in management and the environment alter community composition and, hence, ecosystem functions. This Research Deliverable (RD) addresses how ecosystem functions are regulated by the traits of species present, and how potential limits for the maintenance of ecosystem function can be captured in ecosystem health metrics. Healthy ecosystems and a rich biodiversity, i.e. the multiplicity of living organisms and ecosystems, are vital for cities to function properly. Not only do ecosystem services provide urban residents with food and clean water, they also play an important role for the quality of life in a city: ecosystem services regulate a city's climate ... Deciduous woodlands are seasonal ecosystems. In the summer they are very productive with high rates of nutrient recycling. However, during the winter there is little growth or nutrient recycling, many species are dormant and there is little food to eat.

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Biodiversity is threatened by a variety of global changes resulting from the combined actions of human society. The most direct threats are overharvesting and loss/disturbance of habitat resulting from conversion of natural ecosystems to human use (thick red arrow). Key facts. Biodiversity is the number of different species and the variety within species. High biodiversity is important for healthy sustainable ecosystems. Biodiversity acts as a buffer against change. Biodiversity is rapidly decreasing on Earth. Transcript. English. The variety of life on Earth is immense. Over 10 million species are thought to share our planet.